Monday, 15 August 2011

Machina Research Global M2M forecasts

It’s been a busy summer so far at Machina Research.  We’ve been working hard to finalise our first Global M2M forecast, including devices, traffic and connection technologies (all for each of 54 countries, and 5 ‘Rest of’ regions). I thought that it might be useful to post an interim update – the figures below are the total number of M2M connected devices in each sector by 2020, in 000’s.

M2M Devices in Intelligent Buildings                                          4,900,000
M2M Devices in Smart Cities & Transportation                           work in progress
M2M Devices in Automotive                                                      1,400,000
M2M Devices in Consumer Electronics                                      4,200,000
M2M Devices in Healthcare                                                      770,000
M2M Devices in Utilities                                                           1,500,000
M2M Devices in Manufacturing & Supply Chain                          work in progress
M2M Devices in Retail & Leisure                                               140,000
M2M Devices in Construction                                                    33,000
M2M Devices in Agriculture                                                       82,000
M2M Devices in Emergency Services & National Security            51,000
M2M Devices in Smart Enterprise Management                           work in progress
M2M Mobile Broadband Devices                                                 work in progress

The figures listed above already total somewhere North of 13 billion M2M connected devices by 2020.  Mobile Broadband devices such as tablets, phones and laptops don’t strictly qualify as M2M according to our definition (“Connections to remote sensing, monitoring and actuating devices, together with associated aggregation devices”) but it looks like Matt (co-founder of Machina Research) has already identified around 9 billion such devices, and only counting those connected to WWAN networks.  More musings and meanderings on mobile broadband at Matt’s Wireless Noodle.

Machina Research will be publishing our Global M2M forecast in September, and I will be posting the occasional update here as we continue to develop it.  The report will adopt our usual approach of discussing drivers and barriers for growth of the relevant M2M markets and will be supported by an Excel data sheet including granular 10 year market forecasts for 54 countries and 6 regions. The forecasts will cover numbers of connections, traffic and revenue for each of the sectors, together with splits by technology (LAN, MAN, 2G, 3G and 4G, etc).  More detailed information on any of the sectors is/ will be available in our specific sector reports, as we publish them.

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